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Rattan character from the inside out

Rattan is a thorny plant of a group of palms from the Calameae clan. This plant is a type of plant that grows climbing or vines. If we look from the outside, then at first glance it will look like bamboo. However, actually its own characteristics when compared to bamboo are very different.

If bamboo grows without spines on the skin, then rattan grows spines on the skin. Moreover, it also has a smaller size in comparison with bamboo. Another difference between these two plants is the inside. Bamboo has a cavity on the inside of the stem, while rattan does not have a cavity on the inside.

Rattan as a forest product only grows in tropical areas such as Indonesia. The Indonesians themselves often use it for a variety of purposes. In general, many may be used as crafts, furniture or other home furniture.

This plant is often the first choice by the community for its fast growth. This plant may grow up to the time of harvest within two years. This time is quite short so a lot of these plants are grown.