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Rattan Koboo Gray

This ash rattan has a dark color and is different from other rattan raw materials because it has been in the process of several weeks. This rattan in addition to the dark color that is eco-friendly due to discoloration without any chemicals, this rattan changes color thoroughly to the inner fiber. This ash rattan has a strong character that can change the view of the product into old, historic goods, and unique because this product can only be found in the city of Majalengka.

Production pool activities

This rattan koboo gray process is done by soaking the rattan with water fermentation within 2-4 weeks. The fermented material uses natural plants, but it has been tried several times in other areas and does not produce a gray color like Majalengka, for example in Cirebon it has been tried to ferment ash for a few weeks, the result is that the color fails, maybe there are geographical indications that support the process. the confiscation.

Rattan gray processing

1. Condition of the pool before soaking the rattan
2. The condition of the rattan that is ready to be put into the pond
3. Rattan that has just entered the fermentation pond for a few days
4. Rattan that has just been soaked for two weeks
5. The rattan is ready to be removed because the dark color is clearly evenly distributed.