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People need support for the wicker to get a jobs
Planting and empower artists (wicker)
Profitable and sustainable growth

 Rattan Art ID is a company engaged in wicker handicrafts, especially rattan, currently we are trying to control business processes from upstream to downstream. we value that quality and customer satisfaction are our priorities, therefore we control all businesses from rattan raw materials, woven goods, item size, to coloring goods according to the expectations of the client. So, Rattan Art ID develops woven products from the quality of the material to be used as a craft, that we manage with a sustainable business. 

Currently we take raw materials from the island of Kalimantan and send them to our place on the island of Java. then we design and control the weaving, color and size according to client requests. although our work system synergizes or collaborates with third parties, we believe our services are needed by clients to make a satisfying product.

In addition to our advantages of doing business from upstream to downstream, we are also here to build artisans to rebirth young generations in our way. we know and really understand that currently rattan craftsmen or weavers in the regions are getting less and less because of the era of professional development with many choices, from that problem we move to little by little.

Rattan Raw Material Process from South of Kalimantan


We are present from the craftsman side for stability, we maintain the sustainability of craftsmen by teaching how to weave or make a work of art to the world, also in terms of health it turns out that weaving is one of the brain therapies that is useful for curing Alzheimer's disease. from the business side, we accept large quantities of demand, especially furniture, home decor and home furnishings products made from natural fibers with a white label supplier business.