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Indonesia and Rattan Art ID

   PT. Rattan Art Indonesia or Rattan Art ID are present from November 2021 legally. we intend to promote beautiful Indonesian handicraft products that have high artistic value, with the intention of maintaining this typical Indonesian culture, especially rattan weaving. As time goes by and technology grows, there is something strange and disturbing about the future ecosystem for us from the perspective of weaving crafts.

   Rattan weaving for us is a culture in a village that we see, but as time develops this culture of rattan weaving is even more marginalized. This is because the profession of rattan artist is not the main choice in the present, while the younger generation is more interested in finding finance by working as factory laborers whose results are certain every month. When compared to the rattan artists of today, with market conditions that are not the same as those of the 2000s, this is the reason why the younger generation prefers to become factory laborers whose work is certain and the results are certain, even if they are small. Therefore, Rattan Art Indonesia takes action to help promote rattan handicraft products to stabilize the production ecosystem by prioritizing honesty and the right business strategy for the future.

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