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Interiors Decorator


Are you looking to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living or working space? Look no further! PT Rattan Art Indonesia is here to offer you unparalleled interior decorating services that will breathe new life into your surroundings.
At PT Rattan Art Indonesia, we understand the importance of creating a space that reflects your personality, style, and functionality needs. With our team of experienced interior decorators, we specialize in turning your vision into a reality, one meticulously curated design at a time.


Why Choose PT Rattan Art Indonesia for Your Interior Decorating Needs?
  1. Expertise: Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced interior decorators who are passionate about transforming spaces. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of design principles, we guarantee to deliver results that exceed your expectations.
  2. Customization: We believe that every space is unique, and therefore, our approach to interior decorating is highly personalized. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a cozy, rustic ambiance, we tailor our designs to suit your taste and lifestyle.
  3. Quality: At PT Rattan Art Indonesia, we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service. From the selection of premium materials to the execution of the final design, we prioritize quality and craftsmanship to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  4. Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration and work closely with our clients throughout the entire design process. Your input and feedback are invaluable to us, and we strive to create a collaborative partnership that fosters creativity and innovation.


Our Range of Interior Decorating Services
  • Residential Design: Whether you’re looking to revamp your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or entire home, our residential interior decorating services will help you create a space that is both stylish and functional.
  • Commercial Design: From offices and retail stores to restaurants and hotels, we specialize in transforming commercial spaces into inviting and inspiring environments that leave a lasting impression on clients and customers alike.
  • Furniture Selection: In addition to our interior decorating services, we also offer assistance with furniture selection and placement. From sofas and coffee tables to lighting fixtures and accessories, we help you choose the perfect pieces to complement your design aesthetic.
  • Project Management: Leave the logistics to us! Our team handles all aspects of project management, from initial concept development to final installation, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients.
Get Started Today!
Ready to transform your space? Contact PT Rattan Art Indonesia today to schedule a consultation with one of our talented interior decorators. Let us bring your vision to life and create a space that truly reflects your style and personality.
With PT Rattan Art Indonesia, the possibilities are endless!…