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Rattan Artistsan on Ramadhan

The craftsmen acknowledged that the activity of rattan weaving was also not easy, especially in the month of Ramadan. If in other times they can weave rattan until two or three o’clock in the morning, it is different in the month of Ramadan. Rattan craftsmen who work during the day only do orders and do not build new products.Usually, in the month of Ramadan, orders are usually more because people… Read More »Rattan Artistsan on Ramadhan

Rattan character from the inside out

Rattan is a thorny plant of a group of palms from the Calameae clan. This plant is a type of plant that grows climbing or vines. If we look from the outside, then at first glance it will look like bamboo. However, actually its own characteristics when compared to bamboo are very different. If bamboo grows without spines on the skin, then rattan grows spines on the skin. Moreover, it… Read More »Rattan character from the inside out

Rattan Gray Raw Material

This ash rattan has a dark color and is different from other rattan raw materials because it has been in the process of several weeks. This rattan in addition to the dark color that is eco-friendly due to discoloration without any chemicals, this rattan changes color thoroughly to the inner fiber. This ash rattan has a strong character that can change the view of the product into old, historic goods,… Read More »Rattan Gray Raw Material

Woven Artist

Majalengka rattan craftsmen from 1984 until now only know the craft of rattan baskets that they produce, with the existence of PT. Rattan Art Indonesia and this group of rattan craftsmen assisted by Bank Indonesia continue to add various types of creative products. We develop this so that the products we produce have usability & high artistic value products Majalengka rattan craftsmen from 1984 to the present only know the… Read More »Woven Artist